Garbage Pickup

Garbage Bills will be mailed out around April 10th.

We will accept cash through the office window. Exact change appreciated. If you are having trouble paying online, please try a different device, some laptop firewalls do not allow payment.

Iosco Township provides a subsidy to our residents on trash pick-up with our contracted provider. Trash pick-up is provided by Granger Disposal. If you are a new resident, the rate will be pro-rated. The current rate is $140.00 a year. The year runs from May 1 to April 30th. Contact: Amanda Bonnville, (517) 223-9545 ext 102

If you need more than one cart service, the additional cart pick-up will be $210.00.

Ex) I need two carts, $140.00 + $210.00= $350.00

Pay By Credit Card

Payment may be mailed, placed in the drop box at the hall, online payment portal, or paid in person during office hours.

For a list of accepted items and items that cost extra for pick-up, please contact Granger's, 888-947-2643

There are no refunds. Partial payments cannot be accepted. NSF checks will be charged an extra $10.00 to restart pickup.