Land Use Information

Frequently Asked Questions in Regard to Land Use


Procedure to Obtain a Land Use Permit:

  1. Print Land Use Permit from website. Effective June 18th, 2020 only one building is allowed per permit.
  2. Provide Plot Plan showing all property lines and building with setbacks from all property lines.
  3. Provide 3 copies of the prints for structure.
  4. Place all documents into the labeled black box at the Township Hall with the exception of the $100 fee.
  5. Place the $100 fee (cash, check payable to Iosco Township) in an envelope marked attention Anne Allen, ZA; into secure drop box, DO NOT LEAVE MONEY IN THE BLACK BOX!!!! Credit Cards are also accepted, click on link below.
  6. Permits will be processed and you will received a phone call when documents are ready to be picked back up from the black box. If you are not the owner obtaining the permit, you must put your name and phone number on the permit or otherwise attach a business card.

Online Permit Payments

Scroll down the page to download permit applications. Note: Waiver of Land Use Permit are determined on a case by case basis. Call Zoning Administrator before printing and submitting.


  • Minimum square footage for a dwelling is 960 square feet.
  • Set back from the center line of the road is 108 feet minimum. Twenty (20) feet from the side lot lines. Thirty (30) feet from the rear lot line.
  • Maximum height is 2 1/2 stories or 35 feet.

Accessory Structure:

  • Structures must be behind the front plane of the dwelling.
  • Minimum fifteen (15) feet from dwelling.
  • See Article 20 for setback requirements.